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Unique Code culture: Our engineers share what makes their department unique

Gilmore Brueckner
By: Gilmore Brueckner
January 29, 2019

Behind every great tech product is a team of engineers and hours of collaborative effort designing, coding, testing and iterating. Far from the stereotype of the solitary software developers, today's everyday tech teams rely on each other to share knowledge, bring new ideas to the table and leverage their diverse skills and experiences to build something truly special. It's what makes every tech team and its culture so distinct.

Today, we're going to explore the qualities that define the cultures of our team and what they look for in new teammates we as a business scale.

One of the main things that we highlight in both the ability to learn and the ability to teach in our evaluation process. Due to the fast pace of change in technology and the hosting industry, the increasing pressure to deliver is, unfortunately, suffering from a rampant epidemic of imposter syndrome, where even seasoned professionals doubt their capabilities and worth. At UnidenHosting we want to combat that by bringing in people who can empathetically come alongside other developers and teach them through new challenges. Likewise, it's equally important that even the most senior associates — especially the most senior associates — have the humility to ask for help and be taught when they are themselves encountering something new and challenging.

This isn’t an environment where one person finishes their work and ‘throws it over the wall’ for someone else to handle.” - Trevor KappaEngineer Tech IV
Trevor Kappa
As the UnidenHosting grows, how did you approach building out your team? What challenges did you face?

Due to Uniden’s growth and more recent growth, we have had some challenges, but they’re all good problems to have. In order to scale effectively, there have been some, well actually I should say a lot of reconfigurations with the processes. The approach I encourage everyone to “embrace change.” We’ve come a long way as a company and are on the precipice of doing some really exciting things. In addition to embracing the change, I think it’s also important to stick together. One of our senior managers always uses a metaphor of us “latching our carabiners to the same rope.” We go as one.

I love a team that is competitive by nature, which means we really have that industry research and knowledge about best practices. - Keith JohnEngineer Tech II
Keith John
What initially sparked your interest here? Has UnidenHosting lived up to your expectations?

I was drawn in by the chance to build something that was needed in an industry of knowledge and experience for the hosting world. UnidenHosting has definitely lived up to my expectations, in that I have been given the leeway and authority to build out this department. The people have been incredible and accepting.

I love that here they make sure we take advantage of the resources available to be successful in each of our roles. - Katherine GrettiEngineers Tech I
Katherine Gretti
How would you describe the departments culture and what’s unique about it?

The office here is unique in that there is a diverse mix of engineers, business intelligence and client services employees all in one space. As a engineer tech team member, it is so valuable to have the customer/sales-focused teams available to help provide answers and insights on the backbone of our HaaS platform. The culture in the office is laid back, casual and very approachable. We love to get outdoors, and we love a happy hour. This week our ‘fun committee’ planned an office hike and Friday happy hour with a mixologist from a nearby restaurant!

This department is very interesting. We have a very good collaborative work culture. Culture is important here, and management has made it a real commitment to preserving that culture as UnidenHosting grows. We are all different people who bring different skill sets to the table, but we share a general respect for each other that makes it easy and comfortable to work together. We look for people with positive attitudes who are excited by the prospect of making a difference in our company and can look at a process and see all the places that they could improve it, rather than being complacent with something they know isn’t right. If you possess advanced skills in tech, please take a moment to look at our Careers page for any current openings in your area.

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