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16 Strategic New Locations Added!

We're expanding and so should our locations of service. We've added an additional 16 new global data centers that'll be coming to you throughout the fiscal year!

Hasan Matlock
By: Hasan Matlock
April 24, 2019

UPDATED: May 10, 2019­­

You should first check out the press release that was posted just a few days ago on April the 22nd.

It's pretty safe to say to stay competitive in this industry we have to offer more locations. These newly added facilities will help us respond to the rising demand for hosting and even cloud-based solutions while also helping local customers meet requirements around data sovereignty.

As more websites and companies use multiple cloud-based collaboration, infrastructure and storage services that are delivered from data centers around the world, securing data across all cloud platforms while meeting local regulatory mandates has become an increasing challenge. Especially if you're not a multi-billion dollar company, building data centers in different countries don't become realistic for privately funded companies (which is what we are). The addition to 16 new data centers that we are adding to our global footprint will give our organization the ability to take full advantage of offering the right solutions while ensuring the service is delivered from within our guarantees. We hold pretty strong to our promise and one of the ONLY hosting solutions provider to offer such guarantees. These guarantees include 100% network uptime or you receive 1 month of service free for every single minute of downtime that occurs. Our total count of data centers will be at 21 upon implication of 2019 footprint expansion which is expected to be in full swing by the end of this year 2019. By the end of 2020, we plan to add additional data center locations.

Christy Beryuan who is our Global Executive Vice President (GEVP) is in charge of implementing these tasks through and through and actually the one to make all of these changes happen. Christy oversees the global operation teams to meet operational goals and objectives which include implementing infrastructures to the new locations. She also shape's and enforces the standards to analyze staffing, and operations to meet the ongoing needs of our current and future client base.

At this moment all locations are a go, and we're already hard at work in various locations getting things ready.

Location, location, location: It's what's important

You should know by now that UnidenHosting operates out of its very own green unparalleled data center which boasts 97,000+ SQ. FT of environment that was built for security, high availability, connectivity, and redundancy. The facility offers 100% uptime guarantee, high-performance IP managed premium network and budget-friendly IP plus network, true BGP with intelligent routing, multi-homed, carrier-neutral, DWDM connection to the INFOMART and 13 on-net providers with dual fiber entrances.

We currently offer services in the following locations:

Colorado Springs, Colorado
San Jose, California
Denver, Colorado
Kansas City, Missouri
Seattle, Washington

Here is the list of locations that we are adding:

Los Angeles, California
Phoenix, Arizona
Dallas, Texas
Chicago, Illinois
Ashburn, Virginia
Secaucus, New Jersey
Sao Paulo, Brazil
London, United Kingdom
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Barcelona, Spain
Johannesburg, South Africa
Mumbai, India
Singapore, Asia
Taipei, Taiwan
Tokyo, Japan
Sydney, Australia

The main thing about all of these locations excluding Colorado Springs, Colorado for the obvious I mentioned earlier is that we purchase a private colocation cages to house all of our servers in. These are completely tailored to fit our needs as well as the huge demand with individual space, data, and power needs. So we'll be renting space out of a third-party data center to facilitate services in those locations. Each space is isolated and provides an additional physical barrier to our own equipment, giving our customers the confidence that critical assets are secure and compliant. These private colocation spaces are the most cost-effective way for our organization to benefit from a secure Tier 3+ data center environment in various locations including 100Gbps+ Tier 1 Cisco powered network without incurring all the additional costs involved in maintaining and operating another facility of our own. Each location will have no out-sourced experienced technicians to receive our freight shipments, rack and stack the servers and cable for our equipment for ultra fast deployments from anywhere in the world. If you live in one of the locations I listed above, check out our careers page as we are hiring over 100s of remote and smart hard positions.

it’s not about how many we have, but WHERE they are, and WHO we partner with for our data centers. We are building a better cloud. To give our customers in different regions the best scalability and security for their cloud infrastructures ”

Source: Press Release ¦ UnidenHosting to expand global footprint with new strategic data center locations, April 22, 2019
- Christy Beryuan
Christy Beryuan
Global Executive VP

Why does the physical location of data centers matter in a virtual world?

As Internet speeds increase and access becomes more prolific, more companies are deciding to shift services to servers in data centers outside of their organizations. This can provide larger companies with many benefits, including infrastructure flexibility, better recovery options, better collaborative systems, and workforce mobility. However, many companies don’t understand the importance of the physical location of the data center and how it can impact your services.

Knowing the physical location of the data center and the servers that are hosting your service is important if you want to avoid several problems. Here are some of the risks that are affected by the data center location:


One of the factors that can be highly influenced by the physical location of your data center's servers is connectivity. A poorly chosen physical location can increase latency due to the distance or quality of the networks that exist between the users and the data center. Obviously, this is a massive problem if the data center is hosting a service that relies on speed and latency.

The physical location of the data center can also impact on the reliability, as the number and quality of network links that your data has to travel through will increase the likelihood that a network failure will impact your service.


It's important to ensure that the data center is located in a country where the physical location itself is not at risk of being compromised. If a provider offers a cheap hosting service but their data centers are in a location that is politically unstable or highly affected by crime, you will want to look elsewhere.

You also need to ensure you are legally secure. You need to choose a provider whose data center is located in a country where regulations are stable, and in the event that you need to pursue legal recourse, that you are able to do so.


The physical location of your data center is also going to affect the compliance laws and regulations that your company needs to abide by. Companies will, more often than not, need to abide by the laws in their home country, as well as the laws of the country in which their data center is based. This is important to keep in mind so that you don’t end up with conflicting compliance regulations.


If your servers are hosted in a data center overseas, you might be paying for the service in a foreign currency. This is important to factor in as fluctuations in exchange rates may increase your costs.

Major highlights of the footprint expansion include:

» Data centers and services are ISO 27001 and SOC2 certified;
» Multi-tier, multi-tenancy throughout its access management services, giving organizations more flexibility by being able to share cloud-based authentication and access management services across business units and departments; and
» Stringent Service Level Agreements across all its data centers with 100% service availability.

The launch of the new data centers is part of UnidenHosting's expansion of its global delivery footprint for its hosting and cloud-based infrastructure services. Throughout this year experience the launch of these additional data centers locations going live-giving international websites, businesses and organizations even more choice over service delivery location, and helping them to meet local regulatory and compliance requirements.

Expansion into these data centers clearly reflect the philosophy behind our business strategy - to expand our footprint while taking advantage of the latest innovations in the hosting industry of available services delivered and offering more flexibility to our customers, moreover, our service architecture also allows for our service partners and resellers to partner with us to offer their own branded hosting services without having to invest in the infrastructure costs." ”

- Johnny Willis
Johnny Willis
President & CEO of, LLC

As our data center selection team continues to draw out contracts of other locations, we will continue to add more locations to the list. The problem is finding the right data center and a large enough customer base to facilitate those investments.

With a total of 21 data centers in full swing and running by the end of this year. You'll likely see an additional 10 by April 2020.

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