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We're excited because we've made some major new everything! Most of you don't know, most of you already knew and most of you will know. From internal to external we went out with the old and in with the new.

Michelle Riesman
By: Michelle Riesman
August 22, 2019 20 min read

UPDATED: 14 August, 2019­­

I can only speak for myself on this but I've told hundreds of clients that we'll be launching a surprise change and now I can finally say it's here.

I'm pleased to post the next step in the evolution of UnidenHosting! By now, all of you have noticed we've made some major changes to our corporate brand and website. With these changes follows updated products, services, service locations, updates to all of our policies but most importantly our pricing to our products—which are even more affordable.

In today's blog, I've got a lot to cover so I hope you're ready for a great read. I'll try to keep things as straightforward as humanly possible.

We've renewed our corporate design

Let us start with the most noticeable changes. The relaunch of the company website presents itself in a new corporate design with a clear, intuitive structure, emotional pictures, and our new official brand colors blue, light gray and white. Simple and intuitive. We've probably gone through over 200 different revisions before finally launching this.

Using easier navigation, the new web presence guides our visitor to the desired pages quickly without routing to unnecessary pages which gives inconsequential information. People like to review websites for service that are simple but yet provide the details they are looking for. The second you visit our website you understand the idea of what we do and who we are—but if you don't we certainly provide the information you're most after. The changing pictures found directly on our homepage are large, emotional pictures to represent the outlooks and demands in services OR articulate the reason why you may want to choose us as your new hosting provider.

We've even added live statistics directly on our website to showcase different information from real customer success stories, our support times that are updated live. You can also find a bucket load of images taken directly of our staff members hard at work on the various pages which informs about our company in action.

A further highlight of the new UnidenHosting web presence is the flexible layout. Whether PC, tablet or smartphone: the website design is responsive and adjusts automatically to every terminal and every display. Therefore, the functionality of the website remains at any situation and all information is fast, easy and user-friendly retrievable. This is most important since so many website visits are now from tablets or mobile devices.

To the adaption of our new web presence, we've subsequently launched an all-new client panel

Empowering our customers and partners to stay hyperconnected with their service starts with having a best-in-class innovating and enhancing client panel to further reach all expectations. The new client panel has been designed to elevate the ease of our customers experience with a sleek design to match our corporate website, colors and design paired with added functionality to streamline day-to-day activities and increasing efficiency to manage your account and the products and services you use with us. It's now even easier to pay your bill, cancel service, upgrade, downgrade and more!

Update to our production, pricing structure and added locations

Just like with technology―back in the late 90's I remember my very first cell phone which was a Nokia 6110. Google it. It's almost like the size of a brick to nowadays cell phones. Our production and pricing structure change comes right after the drift of the cPanel news (Blog post» cPanel price rise). Some might consider us all as cPanel refugees and in hindsight, I guess we are, as you will see many cPanel web hosting providers (current) follow a very similar change. UnidenHosting has always been known as an affordable hosting provider, and we want to keep it that way. Passing the additional cost to our customers to supplement cPanel prices goes right against our core values and commitment. We didn't want to do that. This all falls into the combination with the ever-changing technology, just like with my Nokia 6110, phones now have gotten lighter, thinner and smaller. Well, I suppose everything is getting lighter and thinner. Soon we'll have TV's as thin as a piece of A4 paper. I guess what I should REALLY say is that we've become even more affordable by lowering our pricing structure, changing our product offerings so we can continue to lead our competitors by beating their pricing and offerings while boosting all packages to offer more space than ever before.

We’ve completely restructured our production for website interface.

Over the years, people have relied on cPanel for managing their sites. And for a vast majority of customers, working with cPanel has become a default method which is pretty much easy and comfortable. That all changes. Today, new and current customers now have a choice of two top leading control panels to choose from:

DirectAdmin is an easy control panel which provides you access to your webmail, admin options, file management, database management, and other hosting related functions. You will get every option available on your home screen which makes it really easy to manage your hosting account.

InterWorx is a web hosting control panel software developed by InterWorx LLC. The application is divided into two interfaces: NodeWorx, which is used by server administrators to manage a server, and SiteWorx, which is used by a website owner to manage a particular web site.

Our cPanel hosted servers will be still supported for existing customers. All new and future customers will be under either DirectAdmin or InterWorx control panels, whichever they choose.

Location, location, location, more added!

We receive inquiries from every part of the planet in roves by the day. To process the constant change in technology, demands, and offerings we wanted to give new and existing customers a larger reach to satisfy their needs. You should check out the blog post with all of the new locations we've added this year. We now have 21 locations you can have your service hosted on. In case you missed that post, here's a direct link: Blog post» 16 New Locations! Over the course of the year to come, we plan to continue to offer more and more locations!

Pricing Structure changes.

Many of our customers have been with us from the start, and other early-stage websites and companies join every day. It goes without saying that we want to remain competitive in today’s expanding market — but we don’t want to leave the smaller websites and companies behind. The old method of pricing wasn’t as scalable for those early-stage websites and businesses, and the more we improved the software, the harder it was to serve everyone. To coincide with the change, we’ve added all-new plans and also lowered our pricing on every plan.

Some concerns that have been brought up by our older plan customers. We've implemented those plans into a grandfathering block for life. Which is unheard of in this industry, but this choice reflects our dedication to our existing customers who depend on UnidenHosting every day. The only slight change to this will be the monthly price, will be charged per account base as this is how cPanel works now. Please feel free to stay on your current plan or upgrade or downgrade as needed, just as you could on the day you signed up. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Sales Department at

What's changed in the pricing and offerings?

Shared Hosting― now starting as low as $5.56
We've now only got 3 competitive plans. Enjoy super-fast website performance! We make websites fly thanks to servers that run on SSD disks and PHP 7 with OpCache. In every shared hosting plan, we offer a free domain name and unlimited bandwidth backed with a 100% uptime guarantee. All orders are subject to a free migration from a previous host, a free domain name plus free domain privacy and a free SSL!

Reseller Hosting― now starting as low as $10.99
Entrepreneurs or hosting enthusiasts can enjoy 3 plans with prices that are competitive with competitive offerings. We offer you everything you need to get started backed with 100% guaranteed network uptime, a free domain name, unlimited account migration and 100% white label hosting. Our ultra-reliable, high-performance reseller hosting will help you and your sites succeed. You control the overall resource allocation to best fit your clients' needs. We also offer great add-on services such as dedicated IP addresses, WHMCS billing software, and end-user support.

Virtual Private Servers― now starting as low as $29.99
You can now enjoy a total of 8—yes eight new VPS plans! From SSD to HDD and as high as 12 CPU cores, we now cover both ends with booming amounts of space. Customers can enjoy features such as scalable power packs which gives you an additional peace of mind by providing your server with additional RAM and CPU during the peak times of your server in addition to that you can unlock your CPU cores to spread your CPU load across all available CPU cores on your server which gives you less time waiting for tasks to complete. We also offer schedules snapshots to enable you to make a full copy of your container on a regular basis, a sizable list of operating systems to choose from, installed by a simple click of your mouse! Backed with 100% network uptime guarantee, we have a plan for every possible need!

Dedicated Servers― now starting as low as $19.00
We've got over 20+ server plans to offer you. Of course and as always, these are custom built-to-order. We manage all the hardware enabling you to focus on growing your business while providing you with the protection from today’s online attacks with our Multi-Layer Defense. We offer low server pings worldwide thanks to our large list of locations near Internet Exchange Points to handle large bursts in traffic, faster file transfers, and our servers offer a potential for a higher number of concurrent connections with our Gigabit Ethernet Uplink Connection.

We're making all of our service policies and agreements clearer

It's important to show people in black and white how our products and services work – it's one of the ways that people can make informed decisions about their exceptions of the quality of service, rules and regulations and our exceptions of you. So we've updated our policies that include our commitments to everyone using or wanting to use our services. We explain the services we offer in language that's easier to read.

These updates are about making things clearer.

To view all of our policies, visit our legal page found here for more information.

A final word

Change is constant, and sometimes a little unwelcome. However, since we have always respected our customers and the value you place on our service. We wanted to make sure this change had a minimal impact on your website and business.

Even though our existing customers won’t be impacted much by this change, as we scale it will enable us to continue to deliver to you and to new users at the same quality and standard that customers have come to expect from us.

Word of advice and something that we've always asked of you all which is clearly posted on every client bill―if you're a new customer, this can also be a great way of getting some dollars knocked off your final price by providing us substantial feedback on our products, services, and website. Good or bad, we just ask that you be detailed in your email. You can earn this discount by sending an email directly to our Quality Assurance Manager Jacqueline Fernandez at

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed typing and as always, if you have questions just email and we’ll get back to you.

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