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Tech or Treat! UnidenHosting employees (and office dogs) show off their spookiest (and nerdiest) Halloween costumes

Expressing our spooky ways

Emilie Smith
By: Emilie Smith
October 30, 2019

UPDATED: 31 October, 2019­­

Halloween is like the only time you can dress up as crazy or as spooky as you want to without being judge.

This year, UnidenHosting is feeling the Halloween holiday spirit, with employees decked out in their spookiest, nerdiest costumes. I collected pictures from today of our best company Halloween costumes, from spot-on impersonations to gory costumes.

Even our office dogs got dressed up today. The only thing cuter than an office dog is an office dog in costume. That’s why, this Halloween, we also asked our dog-friendly employee's to dress their pets with the spookiest four-legged friends — and beware: it’s scary how cute they are.



Duke may look adorable in his goblin costume, but the truth is, his favorite part of Halloween is the part where one of the UnidenHosting crew goes, “Aww!” and hands him a treat. After he’s wiggled his way out of his sweater, Duke can be found napping under his human’s desk.

Best trick: Sad puppy eyes for snacks

Favorite treat: Deli meat

What spooks Duke? Wearing a Halloween costume

We launched our celebration with a ‘13 Days of Halloween’ trivia contest, creepy decor, and a coloring contest for the children of employees. The celebration hit its high point last Friday with a themed happy hour: we invited a palm reader and ran a costume contest with awards for best team, best individual, funniest, scariest, best overall and worst. A lot of employees dressed up for the entire day, and the competition was strong. It's not even offically Halloween yet!!!!!

Why are these celebrations important to maintaining a fun, yet productive culture?

One of our core values is to have fun! Halloween is a great holiday for encouraging play and building camaraderie — there’s nothing like a team costume contest to get everyone rallying around a common purpose.

In a business that is focused on exceptional results for the client, we spend a lot of time heads down, working to deliver and working to support our clients. When working with people who are passionate about their jobs, it’s important to take the time to celebrate things like Halloween, while not disturbing what someone is doing. Our flexible ‘open-house’ type celebration fit the bill nicely.

We think that having a day where we can just be kids and celebrate our creativity allows us to build the strong relationships that are the foundation of our culture.

Not only did we host a Halloween party but we also offered new customers with a special discount that celebrated our company party!

Trick or TREAT: Take 20% OFF all products

Enjoy this Halloween with a discount in total of 35% OFF. 20% off our Halloween special coupled with an additional 15% OFF
site-wide promotion. Offer is for new customer sign-ups. Current customers can enjoy this special with any product upgrade.
Offer ends by opening business hour (9AM) Mountain time, November 1st, 2019!

Because there are so many photo's to share, I figured I'd just bunch up the highlighted ones I think is worth sharing! I'll make an update on this on Halloween!

One of our core values is to ‘build a positive team and family spirit.’ We’ve found that the best way to do this is to take a break every once in a while and have some fun. Plus, inviting employees’ families to certain company events helps our team get to know each other on a more personal level and build respect.

So come join our family! Take advantage of the offer if you're a new customer and for those of you who are current customers. We've got a discount for you too! I hope you enjoyed my blog write today and I'll see everyone very soon!! Thank you so much for reading!!

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