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Introducing nine, new, larger Reseller Hosting plans

With options of cPanel, DirectAdmin and InterWorx!

Mallory Warner
By: Mallory Warner
December 18, 2019

Greetings Readers,

Today we've released a total of nine new Reseller Website Hosting Plans preconfigured for cPanel, Direct Admin and InterWorx users.

We believe these new plans strike a much better balance of options while improving the price-to-performance ratio even further for you. The new plans aim at our users with all types of requirements and provide the flexibility to use the most demanding and top leading industry hosting platforms at an unbeatable rate.

The cPanel Reseller Hosting plans we had have become very popular among our users for their price-to-performance ratio. In addition, our plans consist of high resources which are one of our best and most popular features but have so far been the only option for users in the reseller webhosting industry. These new plans follow the cPanel price hike back on June 27th of this year [See blog post: Sudden cPanel Price Rise]. We know a lot of users around the world were forced to switch control panels, including many budget friendly service providers. These users renamed themselves as "cPanel Refugees". Runner up control panels; DirectAdmin and InterWorx were quick to scramble these refugees. Although not a popular option for many as cPanel became the default option in this hosting industry, these two control panels deserve a lot more respect than most people expect to give. They've also been around for some time. You asked for it, and we listened! Now we're offically delivering.

We want to provide our users with a wide range of easy options to choose from.

While the freedom to host unlimited users on a server was valuable to many, that option become the thing in the past for cPanel lovers, no matter the size of your users, the size of your wallet. The change is across the board. Luckily for all of us, DirectAdmin and InterWorx allows users to host unlimited accounts. This is one, among the many reasons why we've introduced DirectAdmin and InterWorx hosting control panels into our product line.

Refreshed, larger, faster preconfigured monthly plans

The nine new monthly plans provide the same cost-effective options for our more diverse and demanding users. These new plans are already available and provide the same world-leading performance our users have come to enjoy!

These preconfigured monthly plans offer balanced configurations suitable for the most common uses while ensuring predictability of your spending.

Each control panel option includes a set of resources for memory, storage, and bandwidth. The new control panel options all include a free domain name and 2 free dedicated IPv4 addresses, while the top-tier plans include all of that and a free WHMCS license! Plus a few more perks and features!

All existing customers on any grandfathered plan will be able to upgrade to the top-tier, without any adjustment in price. You'll still pay your current rate but will be able to reek the new benefits of our new plans. Speak with you Account Manager for more information.

Check out the new plans today by visiting our Reseller Hosting page. For new customers, enjoy up to a total of 30% off by signing up today! We hope you are as excited as we are about these refreshed and new plans! We have a lot of really cool things planned for next year, so stay tuned for more exciting announcements.

Please share any suggestions or feature requests you might have by chatting with us or dropping us an email – we love hearing from you! If you have any questions about the new plans or anything at all, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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