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Interview with Sales Director on Climbing the Sales Ladder

Kelly Winter
By: Kelly Winter
March 03, 2020

So many of our employees resemble a successful career path at UnidenHosting.

For starters, there's the business model. The company's web hosting combines the newest technology, analytics, logistics, data center infrastructure and supply chain expertise in its efforts to overhaul the online web hosting industry. Instead of using emails and phone calls to organize each individual step in any given supply chain, UnidenHosting customers can find, organize and track their website traffic, analytics through a single platform.

If it sounds complicated, that's because it is.

And, as the Enterprise Sales Director for the U.S. East Coast, Anastasia Udovenko pointed out during a recent employee spotlight interview last month, this isn't a business where account executives sell web hosting, say 'sayonara' and never check in again. Her team constantly monitors relevant features and collaborates with customers to help adapt to shifting rich features that customers actually need.

Based in UnidenHosting's only New York office which has 32 total team members has since been a extremely critical location with a vast majority of essential talent supporting our clients worldwide. Anastasia rapidly rose through the ranks' moving from a SMB account executive role in our San Jose office to relocating and managing our East Coast enterprise clients in New York. And as she seeks to build out her team, Anastasia had a few words of advice for any hungry reps out there' or newbies wondering if sales is for them.


Anastasia Udovenko
Sales Director, East Coast ' Enterprise
Anastasia Udovenko

Job Description: 'I manage our enterprise clients on the East Coast,' Anastasia said. 'That means I run a team of account executives that are focused on helping our customers create unique solutions for their company website needs.'

Background: 'I'm an immigrant. I was born in Ukraine. I moved to the U.S. when I was a little baby. That immigrant hustle and mentality? It's just in my blood and my DNA.'


What initially led you into sales?

When I went to college, I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I went really far down that path ' I had gotten into law schools and at the last moment I decided against it. It just didn't feel right. Having grown up in the Bay Area, I turned to tech and started working at a small women's healthcare company.

I really wanted to work at the cloud content management company, Box. One of my friends who worked there helped me land my first interview, and although I was not a fit for the position, the recruiting team collaborated with me as I searched for an entry-level role in different departments. Many interviews later, the sales team accepted me as a sales representative. I didn't intend on going into sales at all, but I really wanted to work at that company, so I took the opportunity. To my surprise, I fell in love with sales the first time I was on the phone with customers. It felt so empowering.


How did you begin to start working at UnidenHosting?

After I realized I wanted to truly pursue a career in sales, I know I needed to look for opportunities that allowed me to grow. When I was working with Box not only did they gave me a blind opportunity, but they taught me valuable lessons. I just didn't have the many opportunities to advance. I'm an immigrant, which makes striving to be the very best in what I can do fuel through my blood.

I actually applied for a position as a small business or "SMB" account executive when UnidenHosting was called AllBay back then. I had seen the opportunity on the job site Indeed which fell right into my goal to work for a cloud company. The position advertised you would be dealing with customers or business owners. I think during this time AllBay had somewhere near 80 employees at the office in San Jose but globally I think about 350 in total. Fast forward four years later, here I still am running an office on the exact opposite side of where I started!


unidenhosting enterprise sales team


What's it like working in sales at UnidenHosting?

Originally I started off in the Bay Area, and now I am permanently working and living in New York for UnidenHosting/AllBay. They still have an office in the Bay Area but I had the opportunity to move here and run it! The goal for us here in my office, is re-engineering the foundation of how many of our customers we work with operate online. To me, that's meaningful. I'm able to really impact how our customers operate and help them be more streamlined, more visual, and ultimately, more successful. The sales cycle can certainly be longer, and we go more in-depth.

You're never just saying the same thing over and over again. Every single company is different. They could be a startup and we can help them from day one, or they're a 100-year-old company and they have different departments and people involved. We're helping them collaborate and communicate better by increasing online visibility and transparency for them internally and for their customers. There are so many different ways that we can help companies, and I find it that to be very interesting.


Apply TODAY: Together we can do so much!

People who have meaning and purpose in their lives are happier, feel more in control and get more out of what they do. Lets make the world a better place by being part of something that's far bigger than yourself.


In four years, you became the director of enterprise sales for the East Coast. What's your advice for those looking to make moves in their careers?

Once I started in sales, I knew that I wanted to do this. I love what I do, so every time that I'm in a role ' whether it was in SMB, mid-market, enterprise ' my number one goal was creating value for my customers. I'm always focused on my customers, my company, my team, and then lastly, myself. That has worked very well for me.

I didn't set an amount of time for when I wanted to be in this role. If you put in the work, if you love what you're doing, if you're listening to your customers, if you're grinding, it will happen.

I'm not going to say it's a silver bullet, but it's as silver as it gets. Right now, I'm so focused on my team and their success and making sure they feel like they have my support both in front of customers and internally with different teams. 


unidenhosting enterprise sales team


What's your leadership philosophy? What advice would you give to other sales leaders? 

People come from different backgrounds, different experiences, different dreams for their careers. So I try to take a very tailored approach, which is actually the same thing that I do with my customers. I listen to them and try to help guide them. I'm not going to sit here and say that I know the right way to do it or the only way to do it. It really is a collaborative experience, and they teach me a lot more than I probably teach them.


You're Never On An Island'

Sales teams at UnidenHosting work with teams across the company and at different locations worldwide. According to Anastasia, account executives are paired with an operations manager who runs a team of operations associates and people in various other functions. The account executive's job is to understand the customer very deeply and help the operations manager create tailored solutions, such as database management, storage, shopping cart builders, support portals. 'You get to work with a lot of different people,' Anastasia said. 'I've worked with nearly all of our U.S.-based offices in my time, and in my experience, you're never on an "island" out there by yourself.


I'll ask questions where they're at right now, where they want to be, how should we get there and how can I support them, and set really clear and actionable next steps so that we hold each other accountable. Find something that you really enjoy doing. Once you find that, go all in and learn as much as you can, dive in with both feet, and as long as you are true to yourself, creating value and working really hard, you are going to be excellent.



In closing

This is one of the many noticeable advancements that happens within UnidenHosting today. We are all about our amazing culture, and it's important that the people we hire not only fit in with our culture but also live our values, we work hard and we play hard, too. When applying it's important to understand your values and what you can bring to the table, not necessarily the experience just the drive and passion for what you do. We manage though many applications on a monthly basis so my biggest tip of the process is learning about what's important to us and a bit more about our culture and values, then tell us how you fit in. After all, you'll never know how far that can take you!

Special thank you to those who read my blog post today, and more importantly to Anastasia Udovenko! Congratulations on this months spotlight!

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